MilionBeats – music producer / sound designer living in Belfast UK. He started his adventure with Hip-Hop culture in second half of 90′ as a graffiti artist , member of well known European graffiti group BDMSK. He left his footprint as a rap artist on many LP’s, or supporting most major rap artists in the country. Currently, he is focused on the professional music production. & publishing .  He recalls some of his influences as Jake One, BattleCat or Dj.Premier – to P-Thugg and Quincy Jones . . He sometimes likes to draw inspirations from outside hip-hop into his beats, giving an awesome mix of sounds. He is a rap music producer, but also produces beats in other genres like electro-funk. He works with various musicians and rap artists from all over the globe and already gain gold and PLATINUM records. His debut album with the major  rap artists “Le Rap Francais Vu De La Pologne” released in Paris, France received wide coverage in the country. On his beats you can hear such artists as Prodigy (Mobb Deep), Twin Gambino (Infamous Mobb), Morgan Heritage ,Freeman (I’AM) and many many more! He produced hundreds of beats online for artists and singers . MilionBeats is a great example of an artist who has achieved his goals as a producer trough love and passion to music.


MilionBeats provide high quality studio mastered instrumentals of all genres for music artists,TV & Radio.We also provide online Mix & Mastering service for independent music producers and artists from all over the globe.



My philosophy is simple. If you are doing something, then aim for it to be the best! I got a chance from the universe – license to play with human emotions because wherever we lack the words – the music speaks.